GL Rocks FAQ

1. How Long have you been in the Business?

A:   We've been in the business for over 20 years.

We also suggest that a DJ should have at least 3 years of experience to ensure you're getting a professional service.

2.   What kind of equipment do you use?

A:   We have all professional DJ equipment. 

No Bride or Groom wants to see a home system brought into the hall with limited sound quality.  We also use cds and a laptop for music.

3.   Do you take requests?

A:  Yes!   We base our music on requests.   We want your guests to enjoy the evening too.

Some DJs have their own set list and only play what they want you to hear.   They don't cater to the crowd.

4.   Do you have backup equipment for emergencies?

A:     Yes!   We always have a backup system in place.   Looks very unprofessional if the music stops and you don't have a backup at hand.   You never know when something may happen even traveling 5 minutes to an event.      

5.   What's the cost of your services?

A:   We have 2 set fees.   One for just the dinner and reception.   And the other if couples wish us to supply music for the ceremony.

6.   Is there an extra charge for special effect lighting for the dance floor and for the use of a microphone for speeches?

A:   NO!   Our prices include lighting for the dance floor and using a microphone for speeches if needed.

7.   What is the book or contract time you play until?

A:   Our book time or contract time is from 5:00 pm - 1:00 am.   If we are going to be starting earlier or stay after 1:00 am a sur charge will apply. Unless we are booked for the ceremony then the price will be agreed to by all parties concerned.  Stag & Doe's are offered as a separate fee.  When a client books a wedding and stag & does as a package a discount will be offered when booking both events at the same time.

8.   How soon should a deposit (non-refundable) and contract be paid and signed?

A:   As soon as you've decided on your DJ.

We've found all too often couples wait until a month before their wedding to book.   And are disappointed because they didn't reserve their DJS.   DJS always book fast, some even a year ahead of time, especially in peak months such as June or August.

NO DATES ARE HELD OR CONFIRMED BOOKED WITHOUT DEPOSIT WHICH IS NON REFUNDABLE AND SIGNED CONTRACT.  No dates are verbally held for any reason over the phone or by email.  We run on a first-come first-served basis.

9.   Do you have references and may we call them?

A:   Yes!   We have several references and yes you may call them, once we contact them and gain approval for you to call them.

10.   How far in advance before the wedding will we need to go over the music?

A:   We require at least 2 months before the wedding.   This ensures that we have all your music.   We need to know the music, because there may be some songs that we'll need to get.   I.E. certain ethnic music or if someone's doing a skit etc.

11.  Is there an extra fee for traveling to farther areas?

A:  Yes, there is an extra fee which we go over with clients at the appointment.

12.  Is there a consultation fee?

A:  NO, we never charge for consultations.

13.  Is there a fee involved if couples have certain ethnic songs requested?

A: No. However, we don't carry a huge selection of these types of songs.  So we ask that if couples have songs that are unfamiliar to us bring them on a cd or USB.  We do not charge extra fees if we must search for these songs.  We accommodate the client whenever possible.


Cancellation Policy:  A written notification in the form of a letter with signatures from all parties concerned is required 60 days prior to the date of the event.

 If notification is not provided. G  & L Rocks Dj Service is entitled to the full balance owing as stated in the contract agreement.